Sometimes it Takes an IronWOman to Win the Race

Lessons from two women, both IRONMAN finishers, vying for U.S. Senate

Politics are tough; candidates must be mentally and physically tough to endure a long race, especially this season as the mid-term elections approach. Now, I haven’t ever finished (or started for that matter) an Ironman race but if I did and then ran for office, I would think my training and accomplishment would give me […]

The Folded Flag

9-11, We Will Never Forget

Photo Credit, Veterans United I barreled through the house and up the stairs, damp running clothes and shoes flung everywhere in my wake. I was late and literally just pulling open the shower curtain when the phone rang. I hesitated, then felt a weird chill come over me. That was odd since I had just […]

Seeking Board Service Opportunities

Pictured: Skyline Club General Manager Jeff Markowicz welcomes Sarah Beth Aubrey to the Board of Governor’s on August 24th

This week I’m excited to announce that I have recently been asked to join the Indianapolis Skyline Club Board of Governor’s. I joined Skyline Club as a way to improve my local Indiana networking opportunities and to have an elegant venue to host events, private coaching sessions, and meet friends. I also really love the […]

Women in Agribusiness: What’s Your Get Ahead Strategy?

ACT Like A Pro Issue 41

I wonder how many times I have made a statement about ‘getting ahead’ in my career? Recently, I considered that statement again when I came across the Paulsen Ag article ‘For Women Only: How to Get Ahead in Agribusiness’ authored by Clara Jacobs (VIEW FULL ARTICLE). It’s a nice piece that includes collated interviews with […]

Join Elevate Ag, The Ag Peer Innovation Network

It's how agriculture connects to get ahead!

They say ‘it’s lonely at the top’ and that is also true with ag producers. The solution to that feeling of isolation or that you have no one to share your concerns with is Elevate Ag! Interested in joining a peer networking group but not sure what it’s about? Join us for the upcoming webinar […]

Why Farming Will Have More Women CEO’s

(and We Must Groom Them Now)

In agriculture, I believe we’ll soon be reversing this trend at the farm level. Here’s why. Why Farming Will Have More Women CEO’s One: Level of Education: It’s commonly known that more young women are graduating from college than men. According a Washington Post article: “Women today get the majority of college degrees in America. It doesn’t […]

Oops! You Messed Up Big Time

5 Tips to Improve a Bad First Impression

You’re late to a meeting – very late – and its the first major meeting with your new job. Ugg. You fumbled the ball when someone you need to impress asked you a key question, making you appear unprepared. Grrr. You showed up to the job interview in a suit and heels and everyone else really meant it […]

YOU are your own boss! Here’s how:

"Best of ACT"

Just find a Niche, embrace your Knowledge, and change your Attitude. Almost a year ago, I connected with a colleague that I’ve known for about ten years. Jason, a young man in his early 40’s, is successful by many people’s measure. We were sharing some recent updates when he interrupted: “Wow, Sarah Beth, it must be […]