My 2019 Manifesto.

THRIVE 19 – What’s your Word of the Year? THRIVE. Sometimes just one word sums it up nicely, allowing all the feelings, goals, desires, and direction to culminate neatly into a few simple letters. Drumroll….. my 2019 word is THRIVE. And why am I doing this, you may ask? Well, instead of setting New Year’s […]

Why Farming Will Have More Women CEO’s 

Best of ACT

The number of women CEO’s at Fortune 500 companies reached a historic high in June 2017. It quickly fell off. The number was 32 and already it’s down to 27, according to the Wall Street Journal. Several recent CEO departures have led to what Jane Stevenson, leader of Korn/Kerry International, a major succession planning firm, […]

Creating a Culture of Gratitude, For Real

Best of ACT

About a year ago I was a passenger in the Starbucks drive up line with my husband at the wheel. (Note that he hates Starbucks and doesn’t even drink coffee.) As the window opened, my husband grimaced as he handed over my shiny gold, name-embossed Starbucks card to the attendant. She surprised him by providing […]

Staying Connected During the Busiest Time of Year!

Build Your OWN Connectivity Model

We’re just coming into the season of disruptiveness- wonderful disruptiveness, I realize, as we consider the holidays, time with family, and social gatherings. However, when it comes to business, it can be tremendously difficult to stay on track in November and December. One method to help out is with the correct dose of connectivity and […]

As Featured Today on Forbes Coaches Council Podcast

Create & Develop a More Effective & Efficient Strategic Plan

The big strategic planning initiative is dead. Yes, today there is no need for a 10-year strategic plan or even a five year. Join ACT founder, and executive coach, Sarah Beth Aubrey, as she discusses how to develop a more efficient and effective strategy as part of her new work, Develop and Coach Your Next […]