Talking $$ and Cents with Women Financial Professionals

Pictured: Jessica Lehman: First Financial Bank, Kala Jenkins: COE Isom, & Angie Treptow: Farm Credit Services of America             All I can say is Wow! Lately, during the Top Producer Summit in Chicago, I had the opportunity to moderate a financial services panel during the EWA (Executive Women in Agriculture) track of the event. Banking and accounting […]

You’ve Made it this Month!

Reward Yourself – With a Vacation!Hey there, Dear Reader. It’s time to plan your great escape.Escape? What are you taking about?It’s called vacation and the time is now.What? Girl, you’ve lost it! It’s still January!True, I know. I’m always urging you toward achievement. January is time to refocus! It’s time to tackle the year! It’s […]

Masterclass: Time To Join a Peer Group

Come talk peer networks with me this week at Top Producer Summit in Chicago! If you’ve been reading my work in the last year, you’re well aware that I believe the opportunity to mastermind with other professionals is one of the best ways possible to up level your career or grow your business. In agriculture, […]

It’s Time to ACT Like A Pro!

The concept of ‘going pro’ sounds so elite, doesn’t it? We often think of athletes that go from amateur or college ‘to the pros’ or maybe of the aspiring musicians that capture tons of fans on a reality show and suddenly have a record deal. But you don’t have to be famous to go pro. […]

My 2019 Manifesto.

THRIVE 19 – What’s your Word of the Year? THRIVE. Sometimes just one word sums it up nicely, allowing all the feelings, goals, desires, and direction to culminate neatly into a few simple letters. Drumroll….. my 2019 word is THRIVE. And why am I doing this, you may ask? Well, instead of setting New Year’s […]