Have you Considered NOT Selecting Your Successor?

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about CEO succession and leadership transition as I work through the drafts of my upcoming book, Who’s Running This Farm (Next?). Interestingly, many top managerial consulting experts suggest that current CEO’s not be part of the selection process for their replacements. The era of the hand-picked successor has (or […]

Is Your Star So Bright You Actually Cast Some Shade?

   “She’s a rock start!”     “He’s a standout!”             “If you need something done, just give it to her!”             Wow, it is GREAT when people at work or peers in the business say something like this about us, isn’t it? Yes, over achievers love to overachieve but especially to be recognized as […]

Power of Peers; When You Gather with the Right People, Cool Stuff Happens

Pictured: Elevate Ag members enjoying an educational tour during the winter meeting

Some things really do just continue to get better with age – fine wine, good bourbon, well-made shoes, leather chairs, and the company of good people. I just returned from a few days in New Orleans facilitating the winter meeting of the Elevate Ag grower peer group where I experienced almost all of those things. […]

Need a First Quarter Reset? Try this Priority Matrix

A simple 4 box grid can help you get your life back (or at least get you feeling more organized!)

Tug of War. The unraveling of string. The toilet paper spinning off the roll and all the way out of the stall. The way it feels when you’re desperately holding onto the halter of a surly calf and she’s going… going…going…gone! That is how I describe the Q1 (aka First Quarter) of the year. It […]

Talking $$ and Cents with Women Financial Professionals

Pictured: Jessica Lehman: First Financial Bank, Kala Jenkins: COE Isom, & Angie Treptow: Farm Credit Services of America             All I can say is Wow! Lately, during the Top Producer Summit in Chicago, I had the opportunity to moderate a financial services panel during the EWA (Executive Women in Agriculture) track of the event. Banking and accounting […]

You’ve Made it this Month!

Reward Yourself – With a Vacation!Hey there, Dear Reader. It’s time to plan your great escape.Escape? What are you taking about?It’s called vacation and the time is now.What? Girl, you’ve lost it! It’s still January!True, I know. I’m always urging you toward achievement. January is time to refocus! It’s time to tackle the year! It’s […]