Indiana Agriculture-Climate Alliance

The Indiana Agriculture-Climate Alliance (IN-Climate) guides the Indiana agriculture and climate conversation through educational forums, conversations between companies and individual farmers, and public information sharing.

Our Mission

  1. Benefit Indiana agriculture by aiding agricultural landowners, farmers, and forest owners in making informed decisions now and for the future sustainability of their operations.
  2. Involve leaders and those in Indiana agriculture in the conversation around climate issues to improve awareness, encourage them to speak up about how proposed climate policy affects them, and encourage voluntary sustainability choices.
  3. Provide information, educational opportunities, and a forum for continued discussions about climate and related topics.
  4. Create a clearinghouse organization to act as an unbiased third-party source that brings together all players in the Indiana climate conversation. Both farmers and industry receive and contribute information.

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About IN-Climate

Sarah Beth Aubrey, the IN-Climate founder, has been creating and leading agriculture groups for 20 years. Her coalition and alliance groups use a proven and effective 5-step method to gather important players in the industry, create opportunities for collaboration, and make lasting change around the group’s mission.