Conversations equal conversions.

Are you having the right conversations with your clients?

Bring in the Expert.

It’s not enough to have the best product if your customer needs it fast, or the other way around. You need to rely on more than the product to close the sale in the global ag marketplace; you need to know your customer’s needs, and you need to know your prospect’s options.

At least 25% of all businesses in all industries changed in 2020 alone. Do you know what parts of your business shifted? How will you change to meet new expectations? How will you keep the customers you have in an oversaturated industry?

Ag has changed. Let’s change the conversation.

Ask The Right Questions

When you talk with your customers and prospects, you need to be asking the right kinds of questions to get the sales you want. You need to rely on more than the product to close the sale in the global ag marketplace; you need to know your customer’s needs, and you need to know your prospect’s options.

To know the right questions you need to ask, you need skills you probably haven’t used in a long time, possibly ever. You’ll need to equip your managers to handle new situations, train your team on how to react and thrive through crisis, and you’ll need to know where your business roles are lacking so you can hire right and focus on your strengths (instead of compensating for your weaknesses).

Executive coaching sounds intimidating or irrelevant to many of the ag people I talk to, but whether you’re running a local business globally or at the head of the boardroom, you need an experienced, objective person by your side to navigate with you for a specific amount of time.

Coaching isn’t mentorship where two or several people commit to an unspecified, often lengthy, focus on personal skills or training for a new responsibility. Coaching a specified period (typically 6 to 12 months) to analyze, break down, and build up an aspect of your business. You may need more than one period of coaching, and that’s normal, but it’s not a life-long commitment. I’m here to solve problems and get the business in the right place.

Executive coaching can be used in a myriad of situations that your business will encounter.

  • Leadership Transition
  • New Ownership
  • Acquisition or Diversification
  • Management Turnover
  • News or Media Crisis

Call or email now to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you find the right focus and attention for your executive coaching experience.

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Engage Your Prospects

Trust and loyalty cannot by bought, but they can be earned. Yet even earning trust and loyalty must be done differently, uniquely today. Our peer groups and customer roundtables work because we get your top prospects talking in a completely different way that makes a difference.

Here’s what one of them said recently:

It’s not that being a part of the group creates an immediate price premium for you. But the peer groups and customer roundtables create an opportunity to work with me that your competition doesn’t have.

Brian S.

Peer groups are designed to bring your businesses together in an non-competitive group of like-minded, innovative peers for quarterly or bi-annual discussions. The conversations are confidential and you will get to know your fellow peer group members and their challenges too.

Customer roundtables are an effective way to earn the trust and loyalty of your customers. Exclusive invitations to your top-performing customers or growth-potential prospects puts them at the table with you in and you’ll get insights and conversations you never thought possible in this confidential setting where everyone is equally heard.

Schedule a 30-minute call with us to explore your needs and what options peer groups and customer roundtables can provide for you.. We’ll help you find a good fit and bring your operation to the next level.

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Sarah Beth Aubrey, Leading Advisor for Global Ag Brands