Do This to Communicate Better

Do you talk to your best friend the same way you talk to your grandpa?

Most of us would give an emphatic NO!

Why is that? Why do we change how we communicate with different people?

It’s because of a different generation between you and your friends vs. you and your elderly family members.

It’s also because we know that communication should be tailored to your audience.

To communicate better, match the communication to the audience.

It sounds simple, but communicating clearly and being heard means you need to be intentional about what media and language you use for different audiences.

  • If you know your grandma has difficulty hearing, don’t call her and put yourself on speaker in your car or a noisy environment.
  • If an employee is unusually late, call them instead of texting; if they’re driving, they shouldn’t be looking at their phone to read a text.
  • If a customer asks to call you, take the call – don’t insist on a video meeting! They could have a number of reasons for wanting to talk but not be on video.

This also applies to long-term communication styles as well. Find out which communication method your employees, family, friends, and customers respond to first, or at all.

You may even have to ask them, “What’s the best way to meet with you? I’m comfortable with phone, video, and in-person these days next week.”

It’s also possible that this has changed over time, especially as social media and mobile video apps grow increasingly common. My grandmother is an avid Facebook user and keeps tabs on my work, so I know I can reach out to her via a message or a call.

On the other hand, I have a few friends that never check their email, so texting and calling is the way to go. I also know folks who prefer having a conversation over video because it’s face-to-face without the drive time.

This simple tip for communicating better seems simple, but once you sit back and evaluate if you’re communicating with everyone in their preferred way (and the appropriate media for the conversation), you’ll see how one small change really can make you communicate better.

Until next time-

ACT Like A Pro out there.

Speaking of communication through media, I have 2 different mediums to talk about today.

The first is “How to Make More Money With Your Land: New Strategies and Options to Explore” is a 3-part webinar series that I’m hosting with the Indiana Farm Bureau as part of the Indiana Agriculture Coalition for Renewable Energy.

Hear from Jayson Lusk of Purdue, ag lawyer Terry Hall, and growers in Indiana talk about their experiences with renewable energy, good and bad, during 3 90-minute sessions this month.

The second exciting project is an example of me taking my own advice!

I’ve been working on this for quite awhile, and I’m thrilled that some of the same great content that I deliver in keynotes, coaching sessions, and peer network meetings is now available online and at your own pace.

I saw that my coaching and teaching wasn’t reaching enough people, so I’m offering it in a new way of communicating – online courses.

It’s call Ag Lead University. Currently I’m offering a Management Skills for Agriculture 101 and 201 course designed for new and returning ag leaders. I also have a free strategic planning course available to try out the platform and get thinking strategically (and we’ll cover what that means, too).

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