Value Constantly Changes (ACT Like A Pro #161)

Do your customers value you?

Before you answer back with a (slightly offended) yes, consider the following:

what your customers value constantly changes.

If we say that customers value our services, the ease of doing business with us, our products, they probably do.

Or at least they did, before they got used to what you offer became the norm.

Consistency Is Valuable

Consistency in brands is essential to value because buyers must know what they will receive long term. Consistency can also be your downfall if you never stop to look at the competition, the new avenues, the ways to keep the customers you have. Your customers are constantly bombarded by other options; they are always being offered new things.

Those external factors and your customer’s own set of changing needs and preferences make “value” a shifting proposition.

Shifting Values

If you’re not regularly checking in on value, something sneaky happens.

It’s called accidental complacency.

When you consistently deliver good value, your customer gets accustomed to that. They may even become lazy! After all, you do a lot for them (ever had one of those?).

That laziness leads to an openness to whatever is new.

Customers who you’ve counted on to buy from you year after year suddenly have excuses, avoid your calls and emails, or tell you they’re going with something (or someone) else. Now, you’re shocked because that customer, who may also be your friend or relative or neighbor, is suddenly shopping around and you never saw it coming.

Why? Because they never complained.

But did you ask them what they valued?

Checking In

Like it or not, delivering excellent value consistently is foundational, but not transformative.

You must always seek to be emerging and changing with your customers, constantly checking in to make sure what you offer is still at the top of their always-changing value list.

It’s not magic and it’s not that difficult.

Simply talk to your customers and prospects and do the value check-in early this year. Like the image says, what do your customers value right now?

Ask your customers what they’re looking for in 2021, what is most important to them, and make sure you’re meeting those value expectations.

Your sales will thank you!

Act Like A Pro out there –
Sarah Beth Aubrey