What’s on your mind for 2021?

How do you need to change your mindset for 2021?

A lot of change happened in 2020, both expected and unexpected, so it’s time as we close out 2020 to start thinking about what needs to change going into the new year.

Maybe turning the calendar from December to January just feels like more of the same for you. I challenge you to think beyond this. What if it wasn’t the same?

What if going into 2021, you knew what things needed to change in your business, and you had a plan to get there?

I’m going to break this down into three easy steps:

1. What’s holding you back from being your best next year?

2. What do you need to do to get out of being overwhelmed?

3. What resources will help you solve the first two?

What’s Holding You Back

This one should be easy and can also be difficult at the same time. What’s the thing that came up again and again as holding you back from making change in your business this year?

If it’s not coming to mind right away, take a look at this list.

  • Communication (or miscommunication)
  • Recurring conflict
  • Supplier issues
  • Employee absenteeism
  • Productivity challenges
  • Health and safety (employees and/or animals)
  • Finances
  • Lack of training
  • Tunnel vision

There’s a variety of issues that could have impacted your business that are within your control. Choose one.

This is the mindset shift that you need to make going into 2021.

You need to shift from being held back by it, be in control of it, and have a plan for resolving it.

Get Out of Overwhelm

This one should be even easier – what’s overwhelming you?

Identify the one thing that you keep putting off, or that thing you dread doing every time it comes up, or that project in the back of your mind that makes you feel defeated before you even think about it.

That’s the one thing you need to get resolved to get out of overwhelm. If you keep pushing it off, you will keep being overwhelmed by it.

Resources You Need

Now that you’ve found your first priority shift for 2021, and the one item that you need to get out of overwhelm, let’s cover strategies.

  • Outsource

The most expensive and also the first thing most people think to do, outsourcing your overwhelming problem is an effective strategy.

Bring on a contractor or talk to another small business that specializes in the area. You can still be involved, but you aren’t taking on the lion’s share of the work.

Expectations from the outset, timelines, and scheduled updates are ways to reduce your stress about outsourcing the work without worrying about it being completed correctly.

  • Delegate

Is there someone in your business already equipped or willing to take on the overwhelming project, or to head up the mindset shift?

If you feel you need to schedule periodic check-ins to ensure quality, go ahead, but don’t micro-manage the process or it’s not off your plate, is it? Invest the time and effort in training them to take over the task, and let it go.

  • Partner

Not ready to outsource or delegate? Partner with someone in your business to get the task done. Break up the project into achievable pieces, and set deadlines for each other, or schedule times to work on the project together.

  • Reframe

Sometimes, it’s just a mindset shift for yourself. Think about how you can “reframe” the issue in a new way. Stop thinking about how terrible the task is, and break it down into steps you are confident in instead.

Reframing can be tricky to master, but once you have the ability to reframe a problem into a solution, it becomes easier each time.

  • Training

Not everything is as simple as it seems. Maybe you need an expert to train you (or someone else in your business) on how to do the task more effectively.

There are benefits to bringing in an expert to show you how to achieve what you’re struggling to do on your own. Find an expert in training that topic, and ask them about their rates. Evaluate this against the amount of your time and effort you would spend trying to ineffectively accomplish the task.

Maybe this looks like an online class like Ag Lead U courses, or bringing on an executive coach for your management team, or schedule a series of virtual video or calls with a trainer on the topics you need.

Free Resources for You

Looking for a more in-depth strategic plan and still have time to get everything done today?

My foundational program, Your Strategic Plan on a Page…In One Hour Or Less, is now available as a free course through Ag Lead U. Get a plan on a page within an hour as I coach you through my process in video-led steps and clear takeaways. Now available for free through Ag Lead U.