New Year, New Them (ACT Like A Pro #157)

New Year, New Them. Webinar: December 30th, 12pm Eastern / 9am Pacific. Sign up:

What do I mean by “new year, new them?”

It’s true that you can’t change other people’s minds on most things. But what if you could understand them better, and in doing so, improve your working relationship?

What if, instead of focusing on changing how you look (I see you, January weight-loss and new workout ads), you could change how you think?

  • Understand why your family business partners make the decisions they do.
  • Figure out how to network for meaningful business connections without spending time and money.
  • Institute a way to communicate with your hardest-to-reach employee.
  • Tackle work conflicts with knowledge and a plan to resolve petty problems before they grow into big ones.

This sounds like magic, but it’s not. It’s management skills.

If you take the time to invest in your own skillset, you’ll find that communicationconflict, and connections are vital to understanding your friends, family, employees, and competitors in new ways, and you’ll see them in a whole new light.

But where do you start? You start with the basics of management skills, written for agriculture from someone who’s lived and worked in agriculture her whole life, in an easy-to-use, convenient platform that’s affordable and works for your schedule.

Four weeks, four modules, less than an hour a week. Isn’t that time well spent to change how you see “them?”

I know you have more questions, so let’s chat tomorrow. I’m running an open house Q&A about the Ag Lead U platform and the Management Skills for Agriculture 101 course  December 30th at 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific).

Log on and ask your questions about the course, the platform, the why, the how, the how much, and find out how Ag Lead U’s Management Skills for Agriculture 101 can provide a “new them” by giving you the skills you need in the new year to make your business run better.

Sign up for the webinar is now open on Zoom!

I know you’re not doing much else this week in this holiday limbo, so I’ll see you on Wednesday!