Register for FJ Field Days & Watch My Panel

Click Play above to listen to my interview on AgriTalk yesterday where we chat about the upcoming Farm Journal Field Days and my panel during the event.

On the panel, I’m going to be covering about a topic that’s kind of important right now, especially as we go into harvest: motivation for employees.

Here’s a sneak peek into the panel content. Be sure you’re registered to hear the full panel and attend the virtual events at your own pace.

It’s really important for leaders to recognize to keep people in a motivated place, and a focused place for productivity and safety.

1. Influence

This one may come as a surprise to growers, so I encourage you to watch the program and learn how this is integral to agriculture, especially on the farm.

Cultivating that influence can take time and effort. It’s not an egotistical thing, it’s not a “big man on the operation” thing.

In this case, your employees or family members are your audience that you’re trying to grow your influence among. Influence is about whether people trust you and want to follow you. You have an effective influence with them.

2. Communication

We’re also going to talk straight up about good ol’ communication, and some tips to make that work.

Do you own the process of communication in your operation? Build your own communication norms. Everyone’s different today. Some like to text, some like to pick up the phone, some like group apps, and some don’t. One of the easiest fixes is to get a norm that everyone’s bought into, agrees to, and is expected to go with.

Communication fixes a host of little problems.

We’ll talk about a few tips for both growing influence and effective communication in my session airing on August 26th. Register now so you can watch the panel!