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ACT Like A Pro, Issue 134

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Why am I constantly talking about the Ag Lead Short Course?

Because I’ve seen time and time again how the lack of business training sets up managers and leaders for failure on the farm.

This course was specifically designed to meet a need I’ve seen over and over again in my two decades in agriculture.

  • How to deescalate conflicts between employees, even if they’re your family members.
  • How to define roles, anticipate future employee needs, and write a job description that attracts the right talent to the right position.
  • How to manage employee schedules, plan and run efficient meetings, and still leave time to work on your own strategic goals.
  • And more with personal interactions, problem solving, and create peer groups.

Agriculture needs to invest in its next generation of leaders, or farms will continue to be at risk of extinction in the near future. We have to invest in our people. Maybe that’s you, maybe it’s a family member, maybe it’s your operation director, or a new graduate coming back to the farm during the pandemic, or someone you recently promoted and is struggling with their new responsibilities.

You need to think about your people, your staff, your family members, and talk to them about the Ag Lead Short Course today.

Short, Concise Coaching

Ag Lead Short Course is six months, not a week, to build and implement these principles. It’s designed around a peer group, not individual check boxes on a worksheet, to build your network and confidence talking about issues in a way to solve them. We’ll push you from competence to excellence, and from excellence to genius (thank you, Gay Hendricks, for this great concept).

The Ag Lead Short Course is virtual, convenient, on-demand, and accessible from wherever you are, any time of day, but it’s also interactive with live Q&A sessions, frequent online discussions, and individual feedback. It’s six months of individualized coaching, peer networking building across the country, and skills you will use for years to come–even when the industry inevitably changes.

Everything in this course implements what I’ve seen, heard, experienced, and learned about the knowledge transfer gap and skills gap for new managers in agriculture.

There’s no handbook that comes with your job for how to deescalate conflict among family members, no checklist for creating a job description that fits your specific needs right now, no single way to hire and on-board seasonal staff.

Together, you and I and your cohorts in the Ag Lead Short Course will use experience and wisdom to tackle these topics and so much more using strategies, discussion, live coaching, and collaboration to elevate your ability to deal with future changes in your operation.

Limited class size

This format of individualized coaching and building peer relationships doesn’t work in a class of 100. It doesn’t work with 50. It definitely doesn’t work with 25. It only works when the class size is very small.

That means your chance of getting into the short course is great right now, and not so great 48 hours from now.

We know it’s a cliche–but it’s also true–invest your time and money in yourself, and you’re investing in your future. Spending the time now to improve your business skills and bring your professionalism up to the next level for your current challenges and those yet to come is the key to surviving and thriving in ag.

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