Be an influencer to your customers


ACT Like A Pro, Issue 135

Your customers and prospects are actually your followers once you are able to positively influence them. You need that now in today’s market more than ever. It’s downright essential to transform customers into followers, and develop influence with them.

The consolidation of ag brands confuses customers & prospects. It also restricts the available market share to a small segment, and an overcrowded market means standing out and being unique is even harder.

That’s before we talk about the slim margins that require large volumes to turn a profit.

Where does influence come in?

Cultivating influence doesn’t mean you have to be a charismatic speaker, or an extrovert, or be arrogant, or have a big ego.

Influence simply means that your customers and prospects recognize you are a solid source for information and solutions.

We’ve heard the word “influencer” a lot in the social media space when talking about fashionable, energetic youth with a personal brand that promotes products that are gifted to them in exchange for an honest review, a discount code, and the exposure of the product in front of its audience.

That’s not the kind of influence I’m talking about—or is it?

What do social media influencers have that ag also has?

The influencers on Instagram and YouTube (yes, even the annoying ones) have followers that trust their word when they promote a product. They are doing the work of the company that made the product, but they are also building their own community of people that will follow them into a new venture, a new platform, or head-long into a new line of products.

Think of someone in your life who you trust implicitly with their judgment.

What if you were that for someone else?

You’re a subject matter expert, a trusted source of knowledge, a partner and not just a supplier. All of these statements mean your customers seek you out because you have influence in the marketplace.
•    Which people ask for your advice, and what about?
•    Are those people looking for further leadership from you?
•    How can you position yourself as a trusted teacher in your field?

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