Rebrand! Ag Lead with Sarah Beth Aubrey

ACT Like A Pro Issue 129

Ag Lead with Sarah Beth Aubrey podcast tackles the big “people” topics in agriculture like succession planning, employees, and handling crises. You can listen to the first 15 episodes RIGHT NOW by going to my Podcast page for easy links to Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, and more.

Why did I choose to rebrand now?


It’s like I’ve been saying for months – check back to my blog post archives at – now is a great time to evaluate your business.

For me, I knew I could do more and reach my audience more effectively with a fresh look, a name that had a strong meaning, and by refocusing my corporate and personal brands on my thought leadership and virtual coaching.

What is Ag Lead with Sarah Beth Aubrey?


Ag Lead states who is the right audience right in the name (leaders in ag) and lets listeners know what the episodes are about (developing the future of ag). That’s what you’ll hear about from me and my guests every time you play an Ag Lead episode.

Previous episodes under the Farm Next branding include “Episode 2: AWKWARD! How To Manage Up During Difficult Conversations,” “Episode 7: The Changing Tech, Data, and Online Landscape,” and most recently, “Episode 15: The 4 Crisis Reaction Types and How To Talk Through Them With Your Team.”

That’s a lot of backlog to listen through!

Now what?


I’m opening up guest recommendations and inquiries! If you have a topic about the people leading in agriculture (whether it’s you, someone else, or a movement you’ve noticed), reach out on my Podcast page.

If you’re interested in having me come and talk on your podcast, webinar, channel, or stream, let me know on my Contact page.

Don’t forget!

Share your stories of strong women in ag using the hashtag #WomenInAgNow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. I’ll feature all stories that use #WomenInAgNow (or tag me!) in my Farm Next Facebook group through the end of June.

Send me your stories, and let’s celebrate the women who are in ag right now.

ACT Like A Pro Out There!