Management Skills for Emerging Ag Leaders

ACT Like a Pro Issue 130

I’ve talked about it a lot recently in Facebook live videos, webinars, podcasts, and more: we have a knowledge transfer gap in agriculture.

Here’s a quote from a live Q&A event I hosted in February on Facebook.

The concern I have in the agriculture industry is we're not doing enough to make a conscious knowledge transfer between leadership that's there now and those that are emerging.

What does this look like in real life?

Perhaps there’s someone in the business that does all of the bookkeeping and payroll, then hands the responsibility to a new manager with what they think is adequate training for the job. Yet that new manager isn’t an accountant and hasn’t taken accounting classes, and struggles to handle these new responsibilities and learning while maintaining the job they’ve done for years.

Perhaps there’s inter-generational tension arising from miscommunication and muddy job roles. It might look like a parent who has managed the farm for decades delegating tasks to one of their college-educated, adult children, then continuing to perform or micro-manage that task.

It’s often said that people are promoted out of their comfort zones, and expected to be just as excellent managers as they were individual contributors.

There’s a lot to unpack here.

A lot of emerging leaders and new managers in ag aren’t trained to perform management tasks as part of their onboarding, and sending them to a class or workshop to learn is out of the question with the pressing needs organization needs day-to-day.

We have to think bigger to solve this issue.

We have to think what training might look like now.

  • Convenient format with mobile-only options
  • On-demand for busy professionals
  • Modern strategies
  • Accessible format
  • Confidential discussions
  • Interactive with instructor
  • Long-term not weekend workshop
  • Manageable with other workload

So what does it all mean?

We need to pivot, and still keep the business on task.

I’ve spent months honing, thinking, pondering, and developing an answer to this knowledge transfer and training gap.

A six-month short course covering the essentials of management for ag and agribusiness begins August 1st.

Today, I’m introducing a 6-month short course designed for busy ag professionals to fit your schedule, your business, and your needs. I’m talking about a coaching and training program lead by myself with a limited group of like-minded peers (not competitors!) who understand the challenges you face, and want to work together towards excellence in your role.

I’m calling it the Ag Lead Short Course, and the waiting list is now open.THE AG LEAD SHORT COURSE BY SARAH BETH AUBREY

The program cart opens up on July 15th, and the program will begin August 1st with limited spots available for this customized, peer-focused, emerging manager training course.

Get a sneak peek into the 6 topics I’ll cover on the Ag Lead Short Course page, or sign up for the waiting list now below. I’m including a free, exclusive eBook, “10 Strategies for Communicating Across Generations” for everyone who signs up for the waiting list. It’s a free preview of the great content you’ll get in the Ag Lead Short Course.

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