What’s your greatest strength?

ACT Like A Pro, Issue 126

Have you ever felt like you’re cooped up in a place that isn’t big enough for your energy? I liken my energy lately to an Australian Shepherd puppy stuck in an apartment!

The best cure for feeling cooped up in your house is to have an activity or plan to keep your mind (and body) occupied. Let’s harness some of that pent-up, nervous energy into a positive direction into helping ourselves.

Some of the biggest ways we can help ourselves is to take time to invest in our happiness, our mindset, and our talents.

Your happiness and mindset are key to get in line before you can tackle the last one. We call it many things these days: self-care, mental wellness, positive thinking, reframing, resetting our minds, and more. I’m not an expert on these things, but I’ve been working on these myself.

The last one – investing in our talents – is one of my favorite topics, and something I speak about a lot to clients, audiences, and to you! Let’s break down a bit of what I mean by investing in your talents.

Your talents are things you are naturally good at, and often this means you enjoy doing them. Investing in your talents means you take the time and energy to cultivate what you excel at, and by doing so, you turn a talent into a strength.

What’s your greatest strength?

This isn’t a hypothetical question – I want to hear from you! What is a talent that you have invested into, and how has it become your greatest strength? Leave a comment on the blog, tell me on my Facebook page, tweet at me, tag me in a LinkedIn post, or drop me an email or text.

For the talents you have that need a little more investment, I’m relying on my strengths (see what I did there?) of public speaking, presenting quick actionable tips, and being comfortable in front of an audience with a host of new digital content, from my weekly Farm Next training videos to scheduled webinars on updating your professionalism skills.

If your speaking and presenting talents need a little time and effort investment, join my next free webinar on Thursday. You can sign up now for free on Zoom, and you’ll also be registered for the third in the series, Power Connecting & Influencing, on June 10th.

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