Upping our professionalism game

ACT Like A Pro

Issue 124

When was the last time you evaluated your personal brand?

This is completely separate from your business, company, or organization; your personal brand is often characterized by the emotions and feelings that others associate with you when your name comes up.

A personal brand is essential to standing out from the crowd, being memorable, and having a positive impression. Without a firm handshake to back up your resolve, how do you communicate your commitment? Whether virtually or over the phone, your tone, cadence, and pace will communicate for you.

Are you characterized as a dedicated, hard worker? An efficient problem-solver? A peppy, can-do resource? There are lots of descriptors for our personal brand, and right now is a great time to do some inward reflection to make sure your professionalism is where you want it to be.

What if your personal brand was characterized by your professionalism?

I don’t mean professionalism like Mad Men, wearing a suit in dress shoes and carrying a briefcase; a professional demeanor is a lot more than outward appearance. (For anyone rocking some grey roots or are well overdue for a haircut, this is great news.)

Instead, a professional demeanor has a lot more with how you think about and carry yourself. The first step to bringing your professionalism to a new level is addressing your confidence. Most importantly, it’s about conveying that confidence without arrogance.

This week, take a look at your personal brand identity. How can you increase a focus on your positive traits? How can you work on or delegate your weaker areas? How can you increase your confidence now?

If you want to learn more about confidence building, I invite you to attend my webinar on Thursday at noon EST this week. It’s the first in my new webinar series, The Professionalism Update, and I join you to hop on, ask questions, and hone your own professionalism.

ACT Like A Pro Out There!

Sarah Beth Aubrey

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