3 Steps to Confidence

ACT Like A Pro

Issue 125

Here is a sampling of what I covered in my recent free webinar, Conveying Confidence.
3 Steps to Confidence

  1. Know your strengths, and focus on them
  2. Delegate or mitigate your weaknesses
  3. Find examples of confident people you can emulate

Knowing your strengths is the first step. One of my strengths is ideation, or the creation of new ideas and avenues of thought. I use this all the time, even waking up in the middle of the night bursting with innovative thoughts I quickly note down for a more coherent, coffee-driven Sarah Beth the following day.

Secondly, build your confidence by identifying areas where you are weak and should move tasks off your plate. Unlike most advice you’ll find, I don’t believe in trying to make your weakness into a strength with elbow grease and hope; there are folks in the world who have a strength where you are weak, and it’s time to find them, hire or contract them, and believe in their abilities. Have confidence in those who excel where you don’t.

Think of someone who you think of as extruding confidence. How do they stand, walk, sit, gesture, and speak? How do they answer questions, or deal with technical problems, or endear you to them? Confidence can be mimicked and embodied by channeling someone else’s confidence in front of a mirror, in your kitchen, or while driving around in a car. Practice is the key here, wherever you find yourself pulling out an emulation of someone you think has confidence. I practice all the time, especially before presentations and speaking events – yes, even the virtual ones.

While we’re talking about speaking and presentation skills, I’m deep-diving into a whole hour on just that topic next Thursday. For session 2 in the Professionalism Update series on Zoom, I’m going to talk all about presentation skills and speaking skills, the differences between those two words, and fielding your questions on how to brush up your skills.

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My next webinar is on May 21st all about Speaking & Presentation Skills!
It’s Session 2 of the 3-part series, “The Professionalism Update”

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