The high cost of inaction

April has flown by, and May is nearly here. Spring is in full bloom here in Indiana, even with some cold snaps along the way. Many of you are in the fields, planting and getting ready to plant, because we work in an industry that doesn’t get to stop for external circumstances.

For the rest of us, it’s time to get a mindset shift and focus on a plan for the future.

A lot of business plans need to be rethought and reset – some even need a rebrand or a shift from one industry to another where there is a window of opportunity.

External circumstances don’t define your success. Let’s take stock of that mic-drop.

To let external circumstances define your success means you’re giving up making your decisions for you, halts your plans of growth and success for the remainder of the year, and lets an external circumstance dictate how you handle your business, your professional life, and how you operate inwardly.

The decisions you make (or don’t make) right now in May will impact your business for the next 10 years or more. The 2007-9 recession isn’t that far in our rear-view mirror, and many industries are still feeling the impacts of decisions and inaction from a short period of time when everything shifted.

None of this means you won’t have to put off certain aspects, or modify where you thought you were heading,

  1. Decide to make decisions. 
  2. Decide what you can affect.
  3. Decide what is the #1 priority.

I’ve been coaching businesses of all sizes through change for 16 years. I’m extending the invitation to renew your mind, reset your expectations, and rebrand your business into the remainder of the year. May is the middle of Q2, and further inaction on planning for the future won’t solve the problems ahead or the problems of today.

Inaction is expensive; planning is essential.

Join me for 3 months of tailored coaching focused on having a great plan for fall 2020. Sign up ends May 1 so sign up now:

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