Take Inventory of Your Talent Pipeline

ACT Like a Pro Issue 79

Exciting news around here – I just last Thursday submitted the Who’s Running Your Farm (Next)? Manuscript to my publishers, Niche Pressworks. I’m beyond excited to get this book in your hands during July. I’m hopeful it will be well received, I think we can start a movement here…

So, continuing this month and into May with my short series on creating a culture of coaching (and giving you a sneak-peak of some book content!), this week, the topic is about taking inventory. You know, it’s risky to think about how the agricultural landscape will be different and the changes your business will need to accommodate industry shifts. You may new investment in assets, including hiring and bringing people into the business. It’s risky to realize some jobs of today aren’t even necessary tomorrow. It’s risky to figure out how these important changes will affect employees…

Including those employees that are family.

So, what does the bench look like right now? A good place to start is with three simple categories:

  • Age
  • Experience
  • Expertise

Age is about the number of years left to work, it’s also relevant to consider the stage in life that a person is in at certain age ranges. For example, people with young children at home or those caring for others are often pulled in many directions with family commitments. When you look to fill positions, are some people more likely to need part time options or a lot of time off? Do you need to consider two part-time people for one job?

Experience is important when it comes to assessing the leadership potential right now and going forward. Do your people have the necessary seasons under their belts to lead?

Expertise is all about specialty. List the special skills, gifts and talents, or unique training and education of various team members including yourself. Again, this is not so much about age as it is about skills and natural tendencies.

Talent Pipeline
Once you’ve looked at the current bench, now consider the pipeline needed. Did this analysis expose gaps in credentials or training that you should address? I encourage business owners to think broadly about the idea of talent acquisition in terms of a brief risk assessment that considers the talent pool now and the decisions you have yet to make. Don’t forget to build your bench for success!

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