Staying Connected During the Busiest Time of Year!

Build Your OWN Connectivity Model

We’re just coming into the season of disruptiveness- wonderful disruptiveness, I realize, as we consider the holidays, time with family, and social gatherings. However, when it comes to business, it can be tremendously difficult to stay on track in November and December. One method to help out is with the correct dose of connectivity and the way to do that is through structured, quality meetings-yes meetings! The idea is to determine the best connection for your organization and build a process that fits for the team. Here you can see the connectivity model that I adapt for clients. The delivery methods can vary based on whether your team is all on site, remote, or travels from location to location or some combination of all three. The point is in the structure. Take a look at this model that begins with daily connection, moving to bi-monthly (or sub-in monthly), then quarterly, and annually. Use the daily and bi-monthly meetings for progress updates, check-ins, and staying the course rather than to rollout out big initiatives. Then, quarterly timeframe gives you a review opportunity. For quarterly and annually, consider the off-site option to really work on the business during those longer meetings.

Take a look and let us know how you adapt this model to work for you.

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