How Do You Really Sell Out?

ACT Like a Pro Issue 49

The registration link was closed. Huh? What?? I’d just started this registration yesterday, gotten busy with something more important, and stepped away for an afternoon.

Undaunted, I hit the link again but it didn’t work, so I tried another tap of my track pad, this time firmer, the irritation coming out through my index finger. The page must need refreshed. I hit reload, assuming I’d just have to waste time starting my registration over. Instead of an empty online form, I got an automated pop-up saying the conference was a sell out! The message invited me to join the wait list.

How could that be? I had just spoken to the organizers the day before and the event date was well more than a month away. It’s not often that an event has so many people clamoring to attend that they just can’t handle one more registration. I was surprised and I’ll admit, I was mad. I emailed the organizers; yes, the event was extremely popular and yes it was sold out until further notice. They mentioned they were working with the venue to see if additional people could get in. A couple days later some spots ‘opened up’ and I was provided a fresh link via email that would expire in day. My finger hovered over the link as I pondered this whole thing for a moment. Was I really irked?

Or, was I impressed?

Let me fast forward the story for you. I did commit and I did attend the event. I had an awesome time!  The networking was excellent, the people there were ‘the right kind’ that I wanted to meet and get to know, and the keynotes had me tweeting and taking notes all the way through them. I even had fun at the cocktail receptions! All during the conference, I kept thinking about the term ‘sell out’ and how that can imply things both positive and negative. I kept thinking about how to be an awesome sell out –the kind of sell out that has people so motivated about the value that I bring to my craft that I literally run out of space and time to share the message. I’m not there yet but I aim to aim higher and bring more value, more powerful content, and a message that matters. Yep, I’ve been inspired to be a sell out and I encourage you to sell it out, too!

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