Sometimes it Takes an IronWOman to Win the Race

Lessons from two women, both IRONMAN finishers, vying for U.S. Senate

Politics are tough; candidates must be mentally and physically tough to endure a long race, especially this season as the mid-term elections approach. Now, I haven’t ever finished (or started for that matter) an Ironman race but if I did and then ran for office, I would think my training and accomplishment would give me a real leg up on my opposition. Except, of course, when the opposing party is another Ironman finisher not to mention is also a woman! That scenario is unfolding on the national stage in the race for Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake’s seat where both candidates, Democrat U.S. Rep., Krysten Sinema and her challenger, Republican U.S. Rep, Martha McSally, are multi-time Ironman finishers.

WSJ writer, Kristina Peterson, reports that this Ironman finish will be a first.

“I don’t think we’ve had two candidates running for office who are seasoned triathletes,” said Bob Babbitt, an Ironman historian. “We certainly haven’t had two candidates who are Ironman finishers who are running against each other.”

Peterson also says that Ironman organizers indicate that“80% of the full-length Ironman participants are men”, making this race between two women even more historic.

So, what three lessons can we apply for our own endurance feats this fall?

First, keep your head in the game to stay above water. With a 2.4 mile swim to start out the race, Ironman finishers have to breathe deeply, stay calm, and go out steady, all while taking on water.

Second, be willing to take an uncomfortable seat. Is it just me or do bike seats hurt? Life can put us in a lot of tough positions but if you want a seat at the table be willing to ride through some rough roads! In the Ironman, you’ll have to ride for 112 miles.

Third, just because you are tired doesn’t always mean you are done. After a bike and a swim, Ironman finishers still have to run a marathon-talk about digging deep and staring down mental fatigue!

No matter who wins this race, a tough girl will get the job! Sometimes it takes an IronWOman to finish strong.

ACT like a Pro Out There!

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