3 Quick Tips to Communicate Across Generations

Top Producer's Columnist, "The Farm CEO Coach," That's Me!

Top Producer’s Columnist “The Farm CEO Coach,” Thats Me!
This week’s ACT Like a Pro: Issue 48, I’d like to feature the column I write for Top Producer Magazine. As harvest season is in full swing and holiday time is fast approaching,its certainly a good time to take a short read about communication tips-specially, how to communicate across generations. Enjoy!

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“Sooo, is that like when you get the chickens to talk to the cows?” queried the irksome urbanite sitting next to me in University of Illinois’ freshman Communications 100 class, a massive mix of 18-year-old humanity that were all planning to major in the communications field. I demurred and tried to ignore him. Apparently, just stating my major (agricultural communications) when asked had unwittingly led me into this conversation.

“I mean, like maybe you try to help the Old Bull talk to the Young Cow to solve their problems in the pig pen, huh?” he chuckled, clearly amused with his limited barnyard references.

Among the 300-head class in Foellinger Auditorium, I was wondering how had I managed to sit next to this kid. I gave him a curt nod and considered stomping on his foot.

Irksome Urbanite continued on: “Yeah, I bet out in the country it’s pretty hard to get all them animals to get along, huh?”

I edged over, seemingly interested in engaging further, but instead I ground the heel of my Roper boot into his gleaming white Fila sneaker (I’d even just come from livestock judging practice at the Beef Unit!)

“Ouch!” he winced, surprised.

“Yes, you are correct, it is tough to teach animals how to communicate,” I said with a smile. Never had to sit next to him again…

For the record, today I am a much kinder ag-advocate when confronted with the rude ignorance of people disengaged from food production. Twenty years into  my career, I realize that the Irksome Urbanite has a point; it really is difficult to get all kinds of ‘animals’ around the farm communicating clearly. Yes, the animals are us in my Orwellian Fable above…


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