Women in Agribusiness: What’s Your Get Ahead Strategy?

ACT Like A Pro Issue 41

I wonder how many times I have made a statement about ‘getting ahead’ in my career? Recently, I considered that statement again when I came across the Paulsen Ag article ‘For Women Only: How to Get Ahead in Agribusiness’ authored by Clara Jacobs (VIEW FULL ARTICLE). It’s a nice piece that includes collated interviews with 22 women in various facets of agribusiness (with a heavy bent on media). Most of the comments are in the form up tips organized by subhead categories like ‘Networking’ and ‘Mentoring’. Reading tips always gets me to thinking about actions that can stem from ideas, in this case, about how to create strategies for success.

My supplemental comments to the article are that advice is good and tips are fine – I offer a lot of tips in this blog based on my experience and the experience of others with great ideas – yet, tips only take us so far. If we are willing to agree that agriculture as an industry has tremendous potential for women currently in their careers and women just entering the work force, then I’d add that the challenge is to create your own checklist for success. What is on your list of key strategies for achievement?

It’s your career; how do you want to create the career your desire t fit the lifestyle you want? Probably my favorite quote from the piece comes from Linda Rader, Principal of Radson Company. She says: “You need to think of yourself as a product. Just like Tide detergent, they always keep adding a new feature to it. Cold water Tide or a new fresh scent.”
“Think of yourself as constantly needing to have new features and benefits and ensure that you’re keeping up with the fast-paced changes that are going on in your field or your industry.” I love it.

Sometimes, good articles leave us armed with lots of ideas but overwhelmed and without a plan. If you want to maximize what you read, then create a strategy for implementing your favorite ideas and getting an action plan in place. How do you do that? Well, that’s up to you, of course, but here are MY tips to get started:

ONE: Start with you and evaluate where you are right now. The tips are general but your success is personal; get real about the current state of the state of YOU.

TWO: Decide on your objectives and what you want to change or enhance. Again, select your own direction first, then look to others for ideas.

THREE: Now, re-read that great article and select only a few, no more than three, tips and ideas to implement at a time.

FOUR: Modify the interesting tips or ideas into action statements that are real for you. Now, they are yours and they are personal!

FIVE: Come on with it! Get going right now by setting a timeline to begin, a date to check in on progress, and dates for specific actions to be accomplished.

SIX: Accountability is everything. Decide how do you plan to stay accountable and jot that down AND schedule it.

Hopefully that helps you turn a good article into an awesome outcome. Turns out I really do like tip articles a lot….

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