Call Out to Agribusiness CEO’s & Top Producers in Agriculture: Are You Ready to Harness the Power of Peers?


Welcome to Elevate Ag, the Ag Peer Innovation Network! 

Hello and Welcome to Elevate Ag, The Ag Peer Innovation Network! Many of you know how passionate I am about the Power of Peers! 
In January, I founded Elevate Ag, a peer network organization dedicated to agriculture. We currently have one active peer group and are seeking to form additional groups that will have their own identity but yet opportunities to collaborate, network, and get to know members of the first group! We have two categories of membership: agricultural producers and agribusiness CEO’s or C-Suite executives.If you are interested in exploring how a peer advisory group will benefit and grow your business,email Kira at to set a short discovery call with me to learn more. Stay tuned for more details; we’ll also be hosting a roll out webinar and Facebook live session in late July!

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