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Calling out farmers and agribusiness CEO’s. Consider these three words:

Structure. Focus. Progress.

Are these on your radar in 2018? If so, you’re probably all ready a powerful force to be reckoned with. Maybe you’re already at the top of the industry. Question is, where do you go from here? More importantly, who can you trust to help you get there?

The solution for ‘It’s lonely at the top’ is found in the power of peers. Interested? Welcome to Elevate Ag, The Ag Peer Innovation Network, a peer group membership program open to farmers and agribusiness company CEO’s. Separate groups for farmers and CEO’s have already launched in 2018 and more are forming now.


Program Objectives:


  1. Profitability and Operational Efficiency
  2. Succession and Multi-generational Planning and Transition
  3. Professional Development and Organizational Excellence
  4. Networking and Camaraderie


This is a subscription-based membership organization being expanded to accept new members based on the successes of current groups for five years and counting! A combination of in-person and online connections are made each year. Individual peer groups are small – between five and nine member companies/farms per group- but events and interactions will be created for individual groups to engage and learn from others in the whole network. Confidentiality is at the core of a successful peer group and members are screened to avoid competitive issues.


This model works! I’ve been facilitating farmer and industry peer groups since 2014 and as of January 1, launched Elevate Ag to grow this network. Contact me to learn more about the tremendous benefits for the operations involved!


sarah@sarahbethaubrey.com www.sarahbethaubrey.com

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