What’s Your Word of the Year?

It’s the time between-the strange time between new and old. Former and current. If we still wrote out checks by hand, this would be the week where we always wrote the wrong year. I’ve been reading the barrage of year-end and new-year blogs, social media posts, and other media discussing how to best end the year and begin the next. It’s almost addicting and yet it seems like much of the same stuff is repeated over and over – and its January, not February. The Bill Murray moment of Ground Hog day is still a month a way!
But, something different also crossed my desk. I’d like to share the one new-year concept that intrigued me this week. It’s the idea of the Word of the Year. The practicality of rolling up all  resolutions into one word is both brilliant in its brevity and quite fun in its creativity. A very efficient model, using a word verses taking time to toil through many lists, goals, and thoughts about resolutions. The Word of the Year seems more cheerful, too.
Once I heard about this, I was immediately on board. However, the beauty of the simplicity is also its sneaky little catch – selecting a word of the year is really hard. In fact, its even a bit stressful! The pressure! How to summarize goals, aspirations and hopes for the year in just one little word?!!!??? As it turns out, I found a couple of steps that help.
1. Visualize the end game. What do you want to be different in 6 months, in 12 months?
2. Decide how you want to feel. Joy and success almost always result because of a feeling. The feeling of happiness. The feeling of accomplishment. What do you want to feel? What is that word? 
3. Who are you this year? What changes are in store and what else do you need to accomplish them?
I spent some time the last couple of days considering my Word of the Year. I’ve found it and I’m excited about it. My word for 2018 is Maestro.
No, I’m not planning to leave ag consulting and conduct an opera. However, I am launching new programming this year, writing more books, and stepping on new stages for training and keynoting. With the word Maestro, I mean to facilitate groups and consult to new levels and do so well; to the very best I am able.
So, what’s your Word of the Year? I’d love to know so I can wish you all the best !

ACT like a pro out there! 

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