WTFall? It’s Mid Q3, How to Have an Awesome Autumn

PSST! Did you realize it’s already half way through the third quarter?  Do you know where your annual goals are?

If it seems that July and August have literally evaporated like smoke rings around the campfire, you’re not alone in starting to feel the ‘end of the year’ pressures. Summer fun can feel like a blur and now it’s time to refocus! As a speaker and trainer, I see many of you thinking the same way. Tuesday after Labor Day, calls to my office will go something like this: “OMG! We haven’t gotten in that strategy retreat/leadership training/booked our winter meeting speakers yet! What’s your calendar like, for like, um, next week?”

Three Tips for Re-Grouping for An Awesome (Productive) Autumn
There is still time but you need to have a plan. Ready to chat? Visit my website to learn more.

ONE: Take Stock
Reexamine your original goals for the year and honestly assess your progress. Has anything fallen off that was important enough to make the list? What’s gone dormant during the summer months?

TWO: Get Realistic
What is mission critical to accomplish in the next four months? What’s important, and more importantly, when you can fit it in? Get your calendar our and consult with your team. Pick some target dates and create a new set of milestones.

There’s only one thing left to do and that’s take action. Beat the Tuesday, September 5thrush and plan for training and development now. Get things on the books and begin that pre-work to make your autumn meetings/retreats/trainings awesome!

May I help you? I’d love to talk with you about developing or delivering a training curriculum, leading your team through Strengths Finder ™ or helping you navigate change with a strategy retreat.

ACT like a pro out there!

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