So You Want to Write a Book - Live Class Enrollment

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So You Want to Write a Book - Live Class Enrollment

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"So You Want to Write a Book"

Sarah Beth Aubrey's New Live Class! Enrollment Open!

January 30 - 31, 2017

Indianapolis Indiana

Option for 1.5 Day enrollment ($549), or 1 day enrollment ($399). 

1.5 Day or 1 Day:
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Class descriptions/learning objectives:

Welcome to author Sarah Beth Aubrey’s fall 2016 live training class options! Each class has the option of 1-day or 1.5- day (there is not a half-day only option). Both classes will be held in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana at the beautiful Skyline Club-a luxurious member only club occupying the top floor of the One America Building. Those staying for the second day class will also be invited to join Sarah Beth in the Skyline Club lounge for a complimentary cocktail and networking with peers.

Upon signing up and purchasing the class, you’ll receive a confirmation email and more details. Pre-work activity will follow closer to your class via email as will any other logistical details.

Please join us these classes are limited to only 10 students each!  

So You Want to Write a Book

Do you love to tell stories? Have you created a system that works great for business? Have you been a successful professional that has a litany of tips and ideas to help others win at work? Is someone is always telling you ‘You should write a book!” Maybe, just maybe, the little voice inside has been telling you that for years…


Whether you want to write a business book, create a collection of stories or essays, or finally put that novel out into the world…this class is the starting place for you.

Join your trainer for the class, 4-time author Sarah Beth Aubrey, as she guides you through basics of crafting and selling your first book project. Don’t know if you want to (or how) to get a book agent or self-publish-no problem, Sarah Beth has done both and will guide you through the pros and cons of each strategy and help you not only make the decision but also how to make the decision pay off.

This class has the option for 1 full day or a day and a half for just a little extra. The full day option is for everyone and the extra half day is for anyone who is ready to get help crafting a book proposal or pitch.

In this course you will learn:

·      The differences between self and traditional publishing (hardcover or e-book)

·      A short look at publishing trends

·      The pros and cons of traditional and self-publishing

·      How to determine if you need an agent or not and where to find one

·      A process for writing a first draft of your book in 30 days or less

·      Tips for selling and building a book audience

·      How to craft chapters and build a basic book outline.


In the optional (but highly recommended for only $100 more!) half day class you will learn:

·      How to craft a book proposal for an agent or publisher

·      Tips to reaching an agent or publisher and selling your book!

*Please note the following logistics: Parking is available on-site. Classes include a light breakfast and all-day refreshments. Lunch is on your own. Travel to and from the class, including any hotel accommodations, or other travel costs are not included in the class fees.