Why Farming Will Have More Women CEO’s (and We Must Groom Them Now)

The number of women CEO’s at Fortune 500 companies reached a historic high in June 2017. It quickly fell off. The number was 32 and already it’s down to 27, according to the Wall Street Journal. Several recent CEO departures have led to what Jane Stevenson, leader of Korn/Kerry International, a major succession planning firm, […]

Ever Wonder Why Executive Coaching is Called ‘Coaching’?

It could be called advising, perhaps consulting, even mentoring-though I believe that coaching and mentoring are different (more on that in a future blog!). Actually, it must stem from the field-the sports field, that is. Below, enjoy a recent article I wrote for my new column in Top Producer called The Base Coach (https://www.agweb.com/article/the-farm-ceo-coach-the-base-coach-naa-top-producer-guest-editor/). Here […]

Take Up Space – Really, It’s OKAY and Here’s Why

You’ve probably gotten this advice at some point during your career: ‘Just walk in there and own the room!’ What on earth does that mean anyway? Writer and Executive Coach, Justin Patton, recently addressed this question in an article published on exclusive.multibriefs.com. He evens calls it ‘awful advice’ in his blog and I agree.  Patton points out that ‘owning the […]

So What is an Executive Coach? Learn More During my Free Live Webinar July 12th!

Some people are just so successful! It seems as if they always have the very best ideas, are clear about their aspirations and frequently accomplish their goals. How do they achieve such clarity of purpose? What’s keeps them accountable to themselves and on target? Do you suppose they have a secret? They might! And, it […]

What are your strengths? Not certain? Consider using a professional assessment tool like Gallup Strengths Finder.

Working with groups and individuals in both executive coaching sessions and during facilitated board meetings, I have found that when people are comfortable articulating their own strengths AND understand the unique strengths of their peers or co-workers, conversation and productivity increases. According to Gallup Strengths Center teams that use CliftonStrengths experience 72% lower turnover and 29% increased profit. So, if […]